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About me


Riccardo Merlini, Italian drummer, fastest hands on the planet, graduated at Conservatory, student of Mike Mangini (Dream Theater) in Boston. Teacher, clinician, Riccardo is also one of the world fastest drummers who discovered and developed the fastest hands technique for a human being reaching 400BPM with single stroke roll. Riccardo shows his skills everyday putting his personal style on any beat, groove and song reaching very high approvals on every social media platform like instagram, Tik Tok (with more than a million view in just 1 video), Facebook and Youtube. Drummers from all over the world studies with Riccardo like superstar percussionist Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill study, Mike Reid (drummer for Janet Jackson, Rhianna) and thousands of amateur drummers who want to increase their skills. Riccardo is not only a drum teacher, you can also follow his live performances and Clinic tour around the world.